Attention!   Price is always a factor... many  companies  have layers of various fees they add on to your original quote and suddenly... your final bill is 30% higher than you were quoted!  Make sure your quote is "all inclusive" with no surprises!           All major credit cards accepted.




Car seats 10.00 extra      Toddler Boosters are free

30 min free airport parking after which normal rates apply

Extra stops en-route 20.00.....  15 min wait free

15 minute wait at pick up... 45 mins at customs... after that charges are applied. All international arrivals have a 20.00 fee as drivers usually wait over 1 hour for contact. If passenger comes out earlier there is no charge!



As Directed (A/D)  3 hour minimum all vehicles

Where ever you wish to go... your driver will accommodate your requests.

Off Hours (Midnight - 6 AM) a surcharge of 20.00 is added

Point to Point Transfers

  Miami                            Sedan   90.00

  Miami                            SUV      115.00 

  Miami                            S-550    155.00 


  To Fort Lauderdale          Sedan   110.00

  To Fort Lauderdale          SUV      135.00

  To Fort Lauderdale          S-550    185.00 



  Sprinter                      10 pax van  145.00 

  Sprinter                     Limo 12 pax  175.00 

  Sprinter by the hour...           call for price




  Sedan (As directed)  3 hr minimum @ 75.00 hr

  S-550 (As directed)  3 hr minimum @ 110.00 hr

  SUV    (As directed)  3 hr minimum @ 90.00 hr